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15 December 2008 @ 04:42 pm
For all you Rennies and Festies out there...and those who just like good music

This Saturday the 20th....

The annual Mid-Winter/Solstice Celebration
Finvarra's Wren (featuring Jim Perkins)
With very special guest Owain Phyfe (of the New World Renaissance Band)

The Ark - on Main St. in Ann Arbor
Tickets - $15
Show at 8pm, doors at 7:30pm

More info here

We're gonna try to be there, you should be there too.
04 December 2008 @ 06:46 pm
Angie is back in the hospital with defibrilations. She's not feeling badly, but they are keeping her for observations. They're talking about zapping her heart again.

Again, thoughts, prayers, candles, or whatever you do, is requested.
01 November 2008 @ 11:48 am
I just got off the phone with Angie not too long ago.

The story is that on Monday she got a steroid shot for some arthritic symptoms she was having in one of her joints. The doctor said it shouldn't affect her bloodsugar.

He was wrong.

Her bloodsugar was at 580+ for the next few days. On Friday, she woke up and her chest was "feeling odd". Later that day, the odd feeling progressed to pain, and she finally decided it was time to leave work and go see the doctor again.

The doctor, after fumbling around a bit, sent her over to the hospital. She's having irrythmia (I know I spelled that wrong. Deal.) in one part of her heart, where that part doesn't want to beat to the same drum as the rest of her heart.

She'll be in the hospital until at least Sunday, probably Monday, for observation, and so they can get her blood sugar down and try to find the source of the fibrilation.

She's not in any imminent danger, and should be fine. This is just something that needs to get treated.

That's the news I have. Keep up with the healing energies, thoughts, prayers, or however you work, please. She's out of danger, but a speedy and complete recovery for our favorite nun is important to us all, I'm sure.
19 July 2008 @ 07:23 pm
Merry Measure is happy to finally announce our late summer-early fall schedule!

Weekends August 15th through September 21, we will again be performing at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly. Join us for another fun season and a great show!

But be sure to show up before their closing weekend, because we have to miss that one. We're returning to the Four Kingdoms Faire in Moline IL. It's a smaller show but with a lot more variety (Samurai training demos and a Viking longboat!) than some of the larger ones. This year they are adding an after-hours Pub with entertainment, and we'll be a large part of that.

And don't forget, at any of our shows or online you can get out debut CD "Faire Warning" !

Wendy, Fred, and John
Merry Measure
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17 March 2008 @ 08:12 pm
My husband Ken (better known as 'Turtle Guy') and I met at Hollygrove two seasons ago. We had five Confessors/Jailers in attendance at our wedding - Lyn, Milos, Tommy, Christine and Butch. They got together and made us confess for our friends and family...



Nothing says eternity like the Happy HAPPY Unicorn...
25 January 2008 @ 12:01 am
Blue Lotus Tribe Workshop & Evening Benefit Show!

February 23rd, 2008

Foundry Hall * 422 Eagle Street * South Haven, Michigan

$55 before February 1st --- $65 after February 1st

11am-1pm - Super Slow and Slinky Drills
Take every move you know and slow it...... wayyyyyy..... down. Work through islolations and movements with a new understanding of the muscles being used and learn a whole new level of control.

2pm-4pm - A Taste of Chicago: Blue Lotus Tribe Original Combinations
Blue Lotus Tribe is one of the most recognized names in tribal bellydance in the Midwest, recognized for their impeccable technique and fun, sassy style. Take a look at why their fans love them by learning some of their original combinations.

Evening show will benefit "Warm Your Heart", South Haven's WeCare heating assistance program.

Show begins at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30.

Show Tickets: $10/person --- $5 children

Featuring performances by: Blue Lotus Tribe, Boheme, Jenabah and Tree of Life Cultural Arts Studio, Angie Moe, Tribal Corps, Sabrina Parshall, Sarah Mayne, Unveiled Dance Co., Lunatic Vagabonds, BellyFusion, Traverse City PURE, KLouise & MESMERIC, and lots more!!!

vending by:
Cynthia Schankin - Eye Kandy
Joette Sawall
Marulanna Mehndi
and MORE!!!

If you would like to vend, I only charge $10 per table. Please contact me if you're interested!

questions? contact sarah at:
email: raksanais@gmail.com
or 269.665.8253

Payment Options
paypal to: mistresselaura@care2.com

mail check or money order to:
sarah schneider, 510 fruit st., south haven, mi 49090
18 January 2008 @ 01:31 pm
RSC sticks closer to the movie dialogue, and that is what I want.  MUNY has a karaoke rehearsal tape, and that is what I need....They will not mix and match at Tams...what to do, what to do...Piano players are few and far between in the appalachian foothills.

Anybody know of a karaoke tape with the movie music on it so I can start rehearsals next week?